There's a pretty good chance that you already have a pre-packaged mobile site and are running shotgun ad campaigns with murky results.
Let's be clear, Car Pursuit is not that.

Until now, everything you've seen from software providers is a website that has been adjusted to fit on a phone, nothing special. "So what?" might be your next response. You might have said something similar about your CRM or website a few years ago.
With the sales creating opportunity that mobile already represents, you have to start shifting time from figuring out how to buy more Facebook likes to spending more time learning about your dealership's MVP that's currently just warming the bench.

Car Pursuit is the only digital provider focused solely on your mobile success. We drive your technology and marketing reach to squeeze real sales out of the growing number of mobile car shoppers.

If you've been in this business for more than a minute, you know that car buyers have continually migrated to more interactive types of media.

First it was newspapers and radio. Then it was television. Not too long ago, the internet shook things up with how we all think of automotive marketing. And now, mobile visitors are quickly creeping up on your internet traffic reports.
Think about how much money you currently spend on internet marketing alone. Got a rough estimate? Good. Here's the kicker: roughly 40% of that traffic is now coming from people on their mobile smartphones checking out what you have to offer. Almost half of your internet traffic is motivated buyers looking at your mobile site for their next vehicle. They're not shopping with an app, they're shopping via your mobile site.

You know this. We know this. So why are you settling for the same basic mobile site and ad package that everyone else uses?
Where do you think customers go when they hear your ads on the radio or see them on TV? They go straight to their phones...just like you. It's time to start capturing mobile sales.

Now that you understand the value of your mobile audience - having a mobile presence that doesn't record, analyze or capture those customers isn't doing your dealership a lick of good. So what's your next step?
You need a partner & platform that will keep you up to date with the latest mobile technology while helping you shift your budget into ad opportunities that actually work.

Car Pursuit takes the hassle, guesswork and overall frustration out of managing what will soon be your number one driver of sales. It's pretty damn simple - you want to sell more cars and we want to send you motivated mobile shoppers who want to buy them.
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