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Mobile Car Shoppers Are 30% More Likely To Submit A Lead
1 in 5 of ALL digital sales leads are now coming from mobile car shoppers. At Mobile Marketer's Mobile FirstLook: Strategy 2013 conference, senior executives at Nissan offered a wealth of insight into Nissan's mobile strategy and success. In January 2013, Nissan saw 15% of all their digital traffic coming from smartphone users but 20% of all their leads coming from these same users. What does this mean? Per visitor, substantially more leads are driven from mobile visitors than desktop visitors (~30% more). Today, most dealerships are already experiencing 25% - 40% of all their traffic from smartphone users. Modestly, this equates to 30% - 54% of ALL leads generated through smartphones!

At the conference, senior manager of interactive marketing for Nissan, Scot Cottick expressed the growing need to engage mobile beyond standard PPC and traditional advertising:

"Our business is a business of testing and optimization - if you're not trying things you're stagnant"

Dealerships need to view mobile as a far reaching lead generation opportunity and always be willing to try and test new things. Context, speed, and user experience on varying screen sizes is more important for the mobile user than desktop user. Making your brand available across multiple mobile media channels greatly improves customer awareness and engagement over single-focus, mobile search PPC. As a response, the goal should be to offer fast and engaging mobile web campaigns while driving traffic across a more diverse set of ad platforms.

"More than ever with the proliferation of all these devices, we are putting information into the consumer's hand, and more than ever the ability to do that means that the communications are going to be split," said Cottick.

Although apps have their place for the manufacturers driving awareness about their brand, the mobile web makes more sense for how the car brands' consumers use mobile as a research and purchase tool. Developing a diverse set of mobile ad initiatives has helped Nissan see double-digit growth in engagement. This diversity becomes more flexible and far reaching when those ads are accompanied by a quality mobile web presence.

MORAL OF THE STORY: If your mobile traffic has reached 25% - 40% of your digital traffic, you are already experiencing nearly half of your leads from smartphone users. A basic PPC campaign is costly and competitive. Your mobile audience is using apps and other media to consume information. Your brand and your opportunities should be there as well.

References in this article summarized through Mobile Marketer (January 2013).