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Who Cares About the Future of Car Buying?
If you take a look at some of the most recent statistics regarding mobile, it becomes clear where car shopping is headed: 40% of dealership web traffic is coming from smartphone users, 1 in 4 Americans now owns a tablet, and industries are exponentially increasing their mobile marketing spend each year. Knowing that this is now well-documented information and not theoretical projections, it's quite baffling that dealerships are content with the status quo.

"The future of mobile" is such that, according to some experts, in 1 to 2 years, it will be the primary driver of sales for dealerships nationwide. Honestly, we think it's going to be sooner than that. How important is it for dealerships to get involved right now? It's so important that we've built Car Pursuit with a "mobile first" mentality. What this means is that researching, aggregating, and developing the very best mobile technology in combination with the best marketing opportunities is literally all we do. We're not the first to tell you that mobile is the biggest thing since the internet. But, we are the first to finally offer some real solutions.

If you think that future is quickly becoming the present, then you need to work with a company based simply on focus and results. We're here to show you how smartphone customers directly relate to your dealership's success and that it should definitely not be treated as an afterthought.

Car Pursuit is a mobile web technology and marketing provider focused solely on converting smartphone shoppers into car buyers. We've dedicated a ridiculous (seriously) amount of hours into exploring every mobile opportunity and refining those findings into effective tactics. Our motto is to help our customers spend efficiently and capture their mobile sales like never before.

Don't work with us because we tell you to... we heavily encourage you to do your own research with other potential providers for your mobile site and find out why we're more effective in converting buyers than any other company out there. Then you should probably work with us because of, well...everything we've just said above.